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Buffet Menu

Sandwich PlattersBased on 1 ½ rounds per person, fillings may include egg mayonnaise, cheese, onion and salad cream, turkey breast, stuffing and cranberry sauce, roast ham and dijon mustard, tuna mayonnaise with cucumber or sweetcorn, roast topside of beef, roast chicken breast, red onion and mayonnaise on our special tomato and olive bread, salmon in lemon mayonnaise with cucumber or egg mayonnaise with prawns served on a variety of breads with salad garnish.3.75
Mixed PlattersThis would include sandwiches from the above ranges and in addition some 'nibbles'. For example chicken satays, sausage rolls, quiche and snack eggs.4.75
Quiche PlatterBased on 16 slices, with a choice of flavour.15.00
Chicken Satay PlatterBased on 60 satay sticks, chicken tikka and/or chicken satay, served with spicy dips.36.00
Sausage PlatterBased on 100 Cocktail Sausages.15.00
Chicken Dipper PlatterApproximately 50 or 75 pieces, a combination of plain breaded and spicy coated dippers, served with a dip.15.00 Small
20.00 Large
Cheese PlatterA combination of red and white cheddar cheese, topped with cocktail onions, cherry tomatoes and pineapple.15.00
Crudités PlatterA selection of seasonal salad items, served with a dip.15.00 Small
20.00 Large
Salad BowlA choice of homemade coleslaw, potato salad or pasta.15.00
Green Salad12.50
Sausage Roll PlatterApproximately 100 per platter.15.00
Ploughmans PlatterA luxury platter consisting of two cheeses, pork pies, celery, tomatoes, pickles and biscuits.30.00
Poached Salmon Platter30.00
Crayfish BowlA layered salad bowl served with pasta, mixed salad leaves, tomatoes, peppers and crayfish in a thai chilli sauce.30.00
Sliced Meat PlatterSlices of gammon ham, turkey breast, topside of beef or a combination.
Fresh Fruit PlatterA selection of seasonal fresh fruit, sliced and beautifully presented.15.00 Small
20.00 Large
ProfiterolesA mound of approximately 50 or 80 real Belgian milk chocolate profiteroles.15.00 Small
20.00 Large
GateauxA selection of gateaux are available.

We can also make available crisps, nuts, breadsticks and dips.

Napkins and paper plates will be provided.